9 Life-Changing Ways to Tidy up Your Beauty Collection

Try being a beauty-obsessed neat freak. It's a twisted dynamic that I've dealt with for years. People walk into my room and mistake it for my personal Sephora. Their eyes shoot straight to my makeup vanity, which is stacked with rows and rows of lipsticks (carefully organized by brand and shade range), my lifetime supply of foundations, mascaras, liners, highlighters, and even more lipsticks.

Next, they turn to my perfume trays, which are filled to the brim with the prettiest, most deliciously scented bottles. They don't usually get to my bins of coveted skincare in time, which are separated by masks, cleansers, moisturizers, face oils, body care, and more. I don't usually hoard pretty skincare stuff, so I keep them camouflaged into my room dГ©cor and tucked underneath my bed to blend in.

You've probably caught on to my problem by now. I'm a product junkie and I'm proud of it. My massive beauty collection symbolizes much more than what meets the eye-it's a rewarding representation of all the hard work I've put in to make my childhood dream of becoming a beauty editor come true. Since my products are my pride and joy, I've spent a lot of time into figuring out key pieces to keep them organized. Surprisingly, there is a way to make the vibe of space feel minimal without looking overwhelmed by products. Read on for the best ways to organize your beauty products.

1. Invest in a Vanity

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Not only will doing your hair and makeup on your vanity make you feel like complete royalty, but it's also a great way to organize your products. Quality vanities don't have to take up that much space, either. Think of them as an extra place to keep your products. Many of them come with tons of drawers, which allow you to compartmentalize your products. My roommate has the one pictured above (Urban Outfitters Wire Loop Vanity, $159)В and absolutely loves it. The gold finish looks so chic with her room dГ©cor.

2. Get Makeup Organizers


Take things a step further and get makeup organizers (Anthropologie Faceted Vanity Organizer, $48)В to set your stuff up on top of your vanity. This will make finding that one lipstick or liner you've been looking for that much easier. I suggest small, dainty organizers like this because your things will look nicer.

3. Use a Mirror With Shelf Space

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Make your mirrorВ work for you by being the prime spot to place your go-to hairspray or whatever hero products you're loving at the moment. Your favorite stuff won't get lost in the shuffle of everything else you own so easily if you set it on top of your mirror. You probably always look at yourself, so you'll always have it right where you need it.

4. Create Extra Storage Space in Your Bathroom

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Try investing in a few extra shelves in your shower or bathroom wall. Coming from a girl who is always 10 minutes late, this will seriously cut your morning routine in half. Keeping your products visible will make your life so much easier. Also, bathroom cartsВ are amazing organizers if you forget about a lot of the stuff you have. Neatly organize them and add a nice plant on top of it to keep your vibe right.

5. Use an Extended Shower Caddy

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A stuffed shower caddy is not the way to go. It's worth getting an adjustable shower caddyВ with more space to keep all your hero soaps, body washes, scrubs, cleansers, and hair products in one place. It's even more game-changing when you categorize each product batch by shelf.

6. Try an Over-the-Door Rack

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Nice over-the-door racks (Urban Outfitters Over-The Door Tiered Storage Rack, $69)В won't all remind you of your college dorm room, I promise. Invest in a more upscale option to hold your products. Only the must-haves can go in these, though. You don't want this to weigh your door down.

7. Get Brush Holders


Show your brushes some love by propping them up into nice holders. This way, you'll never get your brushes mixed up.

8. Put Your Beauty Products on a Bookshelf


I know, it sounds crazy, but this bookshelf hack truly works for serious hoarders (*raises hand*). Not all product packaging is created equal. Since these will be on display, pick your prettiest products to set on a bookshelf. Things like fragrances look divine on bookshelves. You'll never run out of space with one of these.

9. Get Transparent Storage Bins


Stash your overflow products in transparent bins (CB2 Blanche Large Gold Metal Basket, $70), so you'll always know what's in them. When I didn't have storage bins I could see through, it was so easy for me to forget what I had in them-you throw them in a bin and they get buried forever. With these chic bins, you'll be able to easily find what's in them and they can fit in small spaces.

While we're on this cleaning wave, tidy up your space even more with these tips from a professional organizer.