Chrissy Teigen Snapchats Her "Period Skin," Internet Applauds

Getty/Amanda Edwards

Chrissy Teigen, ever the owner of a butter-like complexion and a glow you can see from space, just posted a Snapchat of her "period skin"-and it has us shook. While Teigen's the kind of food-loving, curse word-slinging relatable celebrity you wish you were real-life friends with, we've held a bit of a grudge against her laissez-faire skincare routine and the resulting luminescence. She's even said "I never ever in my life have washed my face at nighttime. I go to bed and never wash my face at nighttime. I shower in the morning, and yeah. If that." So when Teigen uploaded a Snap of her showing off her hormonal acne today, we were both shocked and relieved (and maybe felt a bit of redemption, too).

Her recent social posts-prior to the latest-tell us she's in Lake Como (where she got married) on vacation with husband John and daughter Luna. And while we loved oohing and ahhing at the picture-perfect family memories, we welcomed Teigen's candid interruption and appreciated her honesty. She herself admits some disapproval, though, explaining "This is my skin on my period," as she tilts her head from side to side. "Look at it. So angry!" she exclaims as she pushes on her reddened nose, adding one last "ow" before the 10 seconds finish up. Chrissy, we love you-never change.

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