How to Fake a Flawless Complexion, by Emma Stone's Makeup Artist

Dan MacMedan /Contributor/Getty Images

We have been following Emma StoneВ closely this red carpet season, not only because she stars in our favourite film of the season (yes, we loved La La Land) but also because she has an incredible ability to pull off award showВ makeup, making it looks so easy and wearable. Stone wears her makeup; it doesn't wear her.

The star, hotly tipped for this year's Best Actress Oscar, works closely with one makeup artist in particular, Rachel Goodwin, who has been using Nars products on Stone this red carpet season. Now, is it just us, or do you find that when it comes to special occasions your makeup always ends up looking a little too done, a little too contrived? If you're anything like us, then you'll want to know Goodwin's top tips for creating makeup looks that are as effortless as they are gorgeous. Keep scrolling for her insider advice.

Goodwin believes that key to a low-key party makeup look is all about balance. “I think it's always about striking that perfect balance between done and undone,” Goodwin says. “French girls innately have this down, and Kate Moss has always been my ultimate party-girl style icon,” she notes. “If you go with a bold lip, leave your hair messy. If you want to play up the eyes, leave the rest of your makeup simple and pared-down. It's all about that balance, not so much about perfection.”

Another common issue we come across is that there is a fine line between looking dewy and fresh (and risking your makeup leaving you, before you leave the party) or adding too much (just in case) and looking cakey. “I like skin to look like skin, a heavy foundation look is not for me,” Goodwin says. The secret to a flawless complexion that still looks real is to look at your face as a whole and be strategic.

“The best way to have skin that looks like your own but better is to use a tinted moisturiser all over, and then to apply a great concealer just where you want to cover imperfections and nowhere else,” Goodwin says. “I'm obsessed with Nars Soft Matte Concealer (£23) around the mouth and nose and under the eyes. Unless you're a French or Japanese girl and you find your under-eye circles romantic and edgy!”

Keep scrolling for our favourite Emma Stone makeup looks, created by Goodwin.

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