This K-Beauty Product Gives You Perfect Eye Shadow in One Step

After taking a quick poll of family, friends, and co-workers, my suspicions seem to be correct. For most of us, eye shadow is the hardest (or at least the most intimidating) makeup product to apply. Think about it: mascara is pretty cut and dry-a couple of swipes is all we need to achieve bolder lashes. Lipstick is the same way, as long as we have a couple of cotton swabs or makeup remover wipes on-hand, all we have to do is apply it directly from the tube. Eye shadow, on the other hand, can be tricky. Most of us don't blend enough. Some of us over blend. It's a whole debacle.

One K-beauty brand might have just solved the eternal eyeshadow application riddle, and Instagram can't get enough. These so-called "eye magazines" are going viral aroundВ the social media platform's beauty accounts, since they offer an incredibly quick and foolproof way to apply perfect eye shadow. Keep scrolling to see this new eye shadow product for yourself.

The 16 Brand is a relatively new branch of the trendy K-beauty brand Chosungah. (Chosungah makes a variety of buzzy eye, lip, and face products that are sold internationally). They've recently launched this small eye compact that includes two shades of shadow. There's a shimmery, peachy pink and a warm chocolate. Simply pick up the accompanying shadow brush, swipe it across the compact, and then apply in a windshield wiper motion. Perfect blended shadow results.

The key is the tiny, dense brush. It matches the width of the compact, so it swipes evenly over both shades creating something of an ombrГ© effect between pink and brown. When you're ready to apply it to your eye, position the brush so that the darker shade of the shadow is nearest your lash line. Then swipe over your whole lid in one single movement. It deposits the perfect gradient shadow on both lids. There's no blending or fussy layering involved.

Here's where you can see the final result IRL. The best part is that you can switch up your look based on how you position the brush in the compact. Angle it more toward the peach shade if you want a subtle, shimmery definition. If you're clamoring for something darker or smokier, angle the brush onto the brown shade. Just always be sure the darker shade is nearest your lash line before you swipe. It's designed to be used in the manner as to give the appearance of thicker lashes. It also ensures you won't need to blend.

So there you go-that's all it takes. Consider it a must-have for applying makeup on the go or busy mornings when you don't even have time to make a cup of coffee. It quite literally takes two seconds to apply and then you'll be out the door. So far, this Chosungah 16 Brand Eye Magazine ($12) is the first of its kind for the brand. It's already sold out three times since its launch. It's currently still out of stock, though keep checking Chosungah's U.S. website for a restock, which we assume will be happening ASAP.

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