Watch: Byrdie's Editorial Director Tries Color-Changing Makeup

Color-changing makeup sounds appealing in theory. A lipstick or blush shade that adjusts to your skin's pH level to ensure a super-flattering finish every time? Seems foolproof. The reality, however, can look very different. With that in mind, I took Lipstick Queen's two new color-changing products for a spin. Lipstick Queen is known for its color-changing lip products, and I've been a fan of Hello Sailor (a blue lipstick that turns to mauve) and Frog Prince (a green shade that turns to rosy-pink) for a while. Thus, I was excited to try out two of the brand's latest launches. The first is a glitter-flecked, inky-black cream blush called Black Lace Rabbit Blush ($14) that turns to mauve when you apply it on your cheeks. The second is a gray lip balm called Girls Will Be Boys ($25), which promises to give your lips just the slightest hint of color (a "bruised" effect), while smoothing wrinkles and lines and generally making your lips look "photoshopped," according to the brand. Did they do what they promised?

Click the video above to find out and shop some of Lipstick Queen's top products below! (Spoiler: I'm sold.)