This Rising Australian Shoe Designer Shares Her Bedtime Skincare Routine

Jasmine Yarbrough

In ourВ Instagram edition of #ByrdieBedtime, we take a glimpse into the nightly beauty routines of some of our favourite Australian women. This week it'sВ Jasmine Yarbrough,В co-founder and designer atВ Mara & Mine.В

Having co-started her luxury shoe business in 2013 with business partner Tamie Ingham, they created an it-shoe that possessed style and comfort-rememberВ the Jem skull slippers? When celebrities such as Margot Robbie and Kendall Jenner wear your designs, you know you're doing something right.В

Running a successful fashion business comes with its sacrifices, but Yarbrough maintains her skincare routine isn't one. And it is her night time routine in particularВ that she reserves asВ a specialВ moment for self-care.В

Keep readingВ toВ learn more about Yarbrough'sВ night time routine and the importance of switching off.В

Step One: Cleanse

Jasmine Yarbrough

Yarbrough's evening skincare routine starts with a thorough cleanse with theВ RationalВ ProCeramide CleanserВ ($92).В

"I love how gentle this is on my skin and itВ actually removes all my makeup from my face including myВ eye makeup."В

Step Two: Post-Cleanse Serum

Jasmine Yarbrough

After cleansing, Yarbrough applies the Rationale Catalyst Serum ($154).В

"ItВ feels a little tingly like it is doing its job. The Rationale serum helps to prevent breakouts and helps to fade pigmentation."

Step Three: Overnight Serum

Jasmine Yarbrough

Yarbrough next applies a second serum. To help promote overnight repair, Yarbrough massages several drops of the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II ($150) into her face using her finger tips. “I love the way it feels on my skin because it's so hydrating”

Massage the product over the face and neck, starting at the center, outward. This makes sure the product is applied easily and absorbed completely into the skin.

Step Four: Facial Treatment

Jasmine Yarbrough

Next in Yarbrough's routine is the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ($112). "My skinВ texture is uneven and I have slight sunВ damage now on parts of my face. I also have some mild scarring from breakouts from when I was a teenager."

Formulated with pitera, the essence helps to improve the texture and pH balance of her skin.В

Step Five: Moisturise

Jasmine Yarbrough

After toning, Yarbrough applies a pump of the La MerВ Moisturising Soft Lotion ($370)В to lock in extra hydration and achieve a healthy, supple complexion.В

Step Six: Eye Care

Jasmine Yarbrough

It can be exhausting going from design showrooms to press appointments, all while staying digitally connected.В Yarbrough explains: "I actually believe that when I get red, blood-shot eyes in the evening, it's from being on myВ phone or computer too long that day."

Yarbrough relies on theВ EstГ©e LauderВ Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized RecoveryВ ($105) toВ help reduce dark circles andВ give her eye area the TLC it deserves.В

Step Seven: Switch Off For Self-Care

Jasmine Yarbrough

When she has some extra time in the evening, YarbroughВ loves to run a bath and do nothing but relax and soak.В

After a long, productive day, take note from the designerВ andВ switch off completely. "I like to unwind by leaving my phone upstairs in my bedroom and enjoy my dinner with no interruptions."

It's a simple thing to forget but it's also important to find those quiet moments for ourselves.В