From Fuchsia to Auburn: The 4 2018 Autumn Hair Colours To Try

With each changing season comes new skincare products to balance the climate, hair offerings to do the same, and novel outfitsВ that must be scouted. As the season coming up is autumn (one of our favourite ones, if we're being honest), it's time for all those things plus a new rebirth of crunchy leaves and fresh morning strolls. Nothing puts a bit of a pep in our step like a clear autumn morning sky. That, and a fresh hair colour to match our brand-new mood.В

That's where colourists come in. To find out exactly what shades will beВ everywhere this season-from your morning commute to practically every scroll on your Instagram-we reached out to a few of our favourites. Below, find the top four hues they're predicting will explode come autumn.

Warm Caramel and Browns


After a season of icy, white blonde and ashy colour palettes, it's thrilling to see something new come through for spring. This time, it's a golden, caramel, chocolate-y mix that offers dimension and subtle sunniness to your hair colour.

"Don't be afraid of the warmth," celebrity coloristВ Sheenon Olson says. "It can really soften your look andВ stand out amongst the sea of brunettes. Be sure to ask for warm chocolate, caramel, and honey colours from your colourist when you go in for your appointment.

Rich Auburns


As the weather warms our skin and our springtime disposition runs full-force, red is consistently a colour we're looking to for a hair-shade switch-up. It's rich tones are exactly the bold, hearty fix we've been looking for during a bleak winter season.

"Rich auburns are making a comeback come spring,"В Olson notes. "The colour to watch for is violet-based reds. Of course, you should choose a colour that will complement your complexion. I just saw this colour done on Julianne Huff."

Rooted Blondes

Byrdie AU

Yes, you guessed it. Rooty, shaded, smoky blonde is still on the menu come spring. Though, we're not exactly complaining. The colour adds a punky, grown-out (cough, easy to care for) vibe to our already highlighted hair.В

"That longtime ombrГ© client is now coming in for bright blonde-but with a twist," saysВ Olson. "Ask your stylist for bright highlights, but then to smudge the root.В It'll give it that slightly lived-in look."



Though pink hair has been through the trend cycle for the last few seasons, Kim Kardashian'sВ fuschiaВ reveal in Japan is bound to impact the next few months.

"Once you go pink, you'll notice it warms your skin immediately-giving you a glow no matter your skin tone," saysВ Streeter's Artist,В Tina Outen. "At the salon, you'll need to lighten your hair to its palest shade, so, be prepared. CheckВ that your chosen salon has Olaplex or a similar bond multiplier to protect your hair as you lighten it."

She continues, "If you have light brown hair, I would recommend going for a brighter fuchsia shade to keep its health intact. Or, ask for pieces, tips, or panels so you're not bleaching all of your hair."