3-Minute Read: How to Not Be Terrified of Spin Class

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Fact: I was terrified the first time I walked into a SoulCycle class. Intense cardio has never been my thing, and it seemed like everyone else knew exactly what they were doing, where to put their feet… and were possibly even speaking a different language? (What in god's name is a "tap-back?")

Needless to say, I quickly got over that fear once I had a blast in my first class. But upon polling the public yesterday (by which I mean shouting at my colleagues across our office's open floor plan), I quickly gathered that this kind of anxiety among spin newbies is very much a thing. And that's why this piece from Well+Good definitely resonates-it addresses all the questions you've ever wondered about spin but were afraid to ask. Spoiler: You'll learn how to dismount and unclip yourself from the bike before ever hitting a class, so you can bypass the post-class panic that you just might be stuck there forever (not that I'm speaking from experience or anything… ).

Do we even remember what life looked like before? (I do-I was working the T9 on my pink Razr flip phone and was probably about 250% less anxious.) Birthdays are always a great time for reflecting, which is why it's not a bad idea to take stock of your own digital habits today. For example, I think I'm overdue for another social media detox-I did it for a week last summer, and it was a total game changer.

At the very least, you might consider removing your phone from your bedroom in the name of quality shut-eye. But if this seems like a rather depressing way to ring in a pretty remarkable milestone in our collective culture, might we suggest celebrating 10 years of the iPhone with a particularly flattering selfie?

The Healthy Glow Hydrating Tint ($40) just launched last week, and is essentially summer in a bottle for everyone: It contains very subtle (but very flattering) tan pigments that morph to your individual skin tone and blur imperfections for a totally personalized glow. (Reviewers are already obsessed.)

In the interest of not beating this dead horse, we won't dive into all the (many, many) reasons probiotics are crucial to any healthy diet regimen-you've heard it all before, and are probably more concerned with how to put it into practice. Instead, we'll direct you to Goop for some great gut-friendly breakfast ideas.

The internet has officially (and understandably) lost it over Lure Tsu, a Taiwanese interior designer who, despite a baby-faced complexion that would do any Gen Z-er proud, is in her forties. The good news: She's happy to share her skincare secrets, which are easy to adopt, by the way. Head over to Allure for her pointers.

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