Glass Hair Is the New Glass Skin, and These 13 Photos Prove It


Question: What's straight, shiny, sleek, and simultaneously taking over red carpets and Instagram feeds everywhere? Two words: glass hair, the newest hairstyle of choice amongst celebrities and the wondrously talented hair gurus who style them. Remember glass skin? Yes, it's still very much alive and well, but now the trend has merged into the realm of well-coiffed strands, and quite honestly, we can't get enough. (And if the glossy likes of Lucy Hale shown above aren't enough to get you on board, we're not sure what will.)

Characterized by a highly reflective lacquer (may over-the-top shine mists everywhere be quickly resurrected from your middle school hair arsenal) and a razor-cut edge (in terms of bluntness and cut), the style has been making moves for a while now and only seems to be gaining momentum. Celebrity stylists like Justine Marjan have been at the forefront of said movement and continuously make our mouths drop with the high-shine strands of models and actresses like Ashley Graham, Olivia Culpo, the Kardashians, Dove Cameron, and more. So what will you need? Well, a flat iron first and foremost (Marjan loves the GHD Platinum Professional Performance Styler,В ВЈ165) and, again, a chrome-effect repertoire of shine enhancers. For a start, check out these nine here.

What's interesting, however, is the trend isn't exactly new, per se. It's just making a super-epic comeback. "We first saw polish and shine in a glass-like manner popularised by Vidal Sassoon in the '60s," celebrity hairstylist Cash Lawless told Refinery 29. "He was achieving immense levels of shine on short geometric cuts. Now, videos have begun to go viral and hairstylists started picking up on the trend."

So are you ready to feast your eyes on even more inspiration? Keep scrolling for 13 of our favourite glass-hair Instagram moments to date.

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