The Classpass for Blowouts Just Launched in NYC


Ready, PrГЄte, go! The blowout booking service that recently launched in Los Angeles and San Francisco in 2016 just made its way to NYC. PrГЄte works with top of the line salons to give its blowout- and mani-obsessed members access to last-minute appointments and help salons fill seats when cancellations arise. It's a win-win that's about to hit across the country: The service is slowly going to be making its way to other U.S. cities.

To join in on the action, simply sign up for the package that works for you-users can pick between a free membership, which gives them access to book blowouts. And get this: There's an exclusive deal happening during the month of March you're going to want to take advantage of. Normally, PrГЄte has a waiting list for memberships (because it's just that good), but for the month of March, anyone in New York who signs up for an unlimited monthly membership, which isВ $169 per month, or unlimited annual membership, which isВ $1499 per year,В will automatically be approved and can skip the waiting list. Users can freely cancel or upgrade memberships at any time. This is only happening during the month of March, so act fast.В

We don't know about you, but we think this service gives us the perfect opportunity to visit different salons while getting our much-needed blowouts.

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