Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Her Biggest Beauty Regret

Getty/C Flanigan

It's hard to imagine Jennifer Aniston having a single beauty regret. After all, she's solely responsible for one of the biggest '90s hair trends (we swear that we'll never get over The Rachel for as long as we live), and the face of ageless beauty as an Aveeno (and Smartwater) spokesperson. It's been roughly two decades since she got her start, and she still doles out major beauty inspo on the regular.

But we also know that even celebrity icons aren't immune to the occasional beauty mistake-and that includes Aniston, at least according to a new interview with Australian publication Now to Love. From her wellness secrets to certain beauty regrets, the actress doesn't hold back.

"My biggest beauty regret is the amount of sunbathing I used to do without sunscreen," she shares. "I mean, baby oil! What was I thinking?! It's certainly a cautionary tale: Just wear sunscreen!" Nowadays, she turns to (yes, you guessed it) Aveeno for her sun protection-specifically, the brand's Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion SPF 70 ($10). "That's actually in my car, in my bag, in the pool, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the bathroom-it's everywhere," she says. "As well as my hand lotion. Lotions and sunscreens all the time." We're totally on board since sunscreen is one of the easiest ways to prevent early aging (not to mention more pressing skin issues).

Speaking of aging, Aniston has some pretty stellar things to say on that subject, too. "I really wish we could shift our perspective on it as a negative because it's happening to every single one of us," she says. "We just need to be very good to our skin-just take very good care of it. Keep it healthy, and keep it tended to-as we tend to our cars, as we tend to our appliances, as we tend to everything else we tend to.”

Aside from eating healthy and exercising, Aniston makes sure to moisturize constantly. After a morning meditation, a cup of coffee, and a shower, she applies moisturizer before she even dries off. "I keep my Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion ($6) in the shower, so that I put it on before I towel off,” she shared. "This is an extra trick for extra hydration as your body is still warm." Normally, we would stick to a moisturizer formulated specifically for wet skin (we like Jergen's Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, $8, since it hydrates and deposits a natural tan). But honestly, if Aniston is offering up tips, we're always game to try them.

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