Why Grandma's Beauty Routine is the Ultimate Beauty Inspiration

Grandmas know glamour. From their perfectly painted pouts to their coiffed 'dos, we've rarely met a grandma we didn't admire.В

If you're like us, you've probably combed through Grandma's wardrobe for vintage loot, but have you ever peeked into her makeup bag or skincare routine? We did, and it turns out she's got some old-fashioned beauty wisdom that still translates today.

Flip through for four awesome beauty tips to steal from Grandma.


Embrace All-Natural Skincare

Before terms like “salicylic acid” and “retinol” entered mainstream skincare, Grandma took care of her skin with all-natural products straight out of her pantry. From cucumbers (a classic under-eye cure) to oatmeal (which is supposed to soothe sensitive skin) and grapefruit (see ya, free radicals) these ingredients still get the job done today. To get inspired, check out 4 Foods You Should Put On Your Face Immediately.


Never Leave Home Without Lipstick

There was a time when no true lady would leave the house without wearing lipstick, which instantly gave them an incredibly feminine, polished look. (If you've ever seen Grandma slap on some lipstick to greet the postman, you know this is true.). To keep the tradition alive, be sure your collection contains these five shades pronto.


Opt for Simple Products

Ever heard of Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser ($5) or rosewater toner? Maybe not, but they're just a couple of the simple, all-purpose products you might find in Grandma's skincare regimen. If you feel like it's time to ditch your laborious, complex routine, take a cue from her and experiment with a few streamlined steps instead.

Nina Leen/Getty

Consider No-Heat Options

It's a simple fact: no heat equals no damage when it comes to your strands. Make like Grandma and get glamorous waves-sans heat-with those old-school, pink hair rollers, rag curls, or even soda cans (yes, you read that right).

Section your damp hair and roll it tightly around the soda cans, then secure with rubber bands and hairspray before letting your hair air dry. While this retro concept might sound crazy, the cans are the perfect size to give you big, Veronica Lake-eqsue waves.

Have you learned any tips from Grandma that you'd like to share? Spill 'em below!

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