The Most Important Beauty Tips and Hacks We Learned Backstage at NYFW

We're all about learning beauty tips to incorporate new and exciting beauty looks into our routines (and honestly, make our routines a little easier). And who better than the artists responsible for our favorite beauty looks this NYFW season to give us their tricks and hacks to achieving that goal? From how to make it look like we actually woke up with naturally wavy hair or how to create a killer ponytail using bungee chords, we asked hairstylists, makeup artists, and manicurists backstage if there was anything they could teach us about re-creating the looks we fell in love with. Scroll to see what tips the experts had to give us.

For Getting A Sharp, Winged Cat Eye

Audrey Noble; PICTURED: Marc Jacobs S/S 18

"Use a pointed tip to make the work easier. If you also use a fine Q-tip, you can clean up any mistakes. On round eyes, make the line thicker. I follow the natural line of the eye, and I look in the mirror to see where I should extend the liner out," says Diane KendalВ at Marc Jacobs S/S 18.В

For keeping the sparkle on your eye

Imaxtree; PICTURED: Anna Sui S/S 18

If you want to add glitter to your eyelids for a sparkly eye look, Pat McGrath says to use Elizabeth Arden's cult classic 8 Hour CreamВ ($22) on your lids first. The heavy cream makes it so that any glitter or sparkle will stick to your lids. It's what she used at Anna Sui S/S 18.В

For natural-looking waves

Imaxtree; PICTURED: Alice and Olivia S/S 18

"To get this wave, go in with a flatiron and give your hair an S-wave. The trick is changing the direction that you're pointing the iron when you're flat-ironing: Point it up in one section and point it down when you do another," says TresemmГ© global stylistВ Justine Marjan at Alice and Olivia S/S 18.В

For natural-looking berry-stained lips

Imaxtree; PICTURED: Alice and Olivia S/S 18

When apply lipstick, "use your finger. Sometimes a brush or the actual lipstick gets too heavy, and this way it creates a stain. You can blot, blot, blot, and it feels more natural," says Erin Parsons at Alice and Olivia S/S 18.

For an extra glow that's not too extra

Imaxtree; PICTURED: Nicole Miller S/S 18

"Grab your favorite bronzer and strategically bronze and highlight. Last season we went a little crazy. I would just add product to cheekbones and the hollow of the eye (you can even use it as an eye shadow). You can do the same with highlighter as well," says Kelli J BarlettВ for Glamsquad at Nicole Miller S/S 18.

For A Not-So-Basic Ponytail

For A Graphic Smoky Eye

Audrey Noble; PICTURED: Libertine S/S 18

"Mimic the shape of your eye and go outside of it a little bit. If you want it to be more visible and you've got a fold on your eyelid, you would want to go above that. The trick is to look in the mirror when applying shadow as opposing to closing your eye because you won't see where the shadow is going to go. You want to see where it's going to fall when you finish," says Katie Jane HughesВ at Libertine S/S 18.

For An Almost-There Lip Color

Imaxtree; PICTURED: Cushine et Ochs S/S 18

Makeup artist GatoВ used a a fluffy eye shadow brush to apply lipstick at Cushine et Ochs S/S 18. He does that for a blotted "lipstick that looks like it's been wiped off."В

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