4 Victoria's Secret Models Share Their Tips for a Better Butt

Let's play a little word association. Ready? Brazil.

What's the first thing that came to mind? Maybe it was Rio, maybe the Olympics, but for us, we can't help but think,В bum. As in, your derriГЁre, or should we say, bumbum.

There's no denying the prevalence of the Brazilian butt. There's even a procedureВ to get the coveted backside, for goodness sake. Models and might-as-well-be models glide along the sandy beaches of Brazil in barely-there bikini bottoms to show off the fruits of their labor, and we want to know every last secret to lift and sculpt our own tushes (naturally, thank you) like theВ mulheres do Brasil.

Thankfully, VogueВ rounded up some trusty sources to get to the bottom (get it?) of the secret to a Brazilian bum: Victoria's Secret Models. Below, you'll find the butt-shaping secrets of Adriana Lima, Izabel Goulart, Caroline Trentini, and Lais Ribeiro.

Adriana believes that in order to have a great butt, it's all about having a combination of exercise routines. Squats, burpees, and running will keep your backside lifted and toned.

Caroline's secret to toning her butt is functional fighting. It mixes boxing, jumping jacks, skipping, and Muay Thai, which works all the muscle groups. She also runs for 30 minutes when she doesn't have time to do her full routine to help kick-start her metabolism.

Who needs a trainer when you can sculpt a perfect butt on your own? Iza takes an hour every day to work out no matter where she is, trainer or not. She explains, "I focus on keeping my workouts as high-intensity as possible while keeping them fun. I do power squats and butt-blaster lunges, plus use my #BodyByIzaВ resistance bandВ ($12)-it just makes these basic exercises so much more effective!"

Lais believes that since squats aren't the most fun to do, Pilates is an amazing alternative to toning your backside. She maintains that being active in any form (dancing, walking) is super effective for a great butt.В

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Opening Image:В @AdrianaLima