MAC Just Released Mini Versions of Your Favorite Lipstick Shades

The Lovecats Inc

Just in time for the start of Halloween festivities, MAC has released a brand-new, first-of-its-kind collection of miniature products. In other words, instead of fun-sized candy, this year we'll be treatingВ ourselves to fun-sized makeup products.В It's called the "Little MAC Collection," and it features pint-sized versions of some of the brand's most beloved formulas-think tiny versions ofВ its famous cream lipsticks, lip glass glosses, loose powder pigments, and mascara (among other things).

This news is especially convenient if you've been yearning to try a specific shade or formula from the brand since just like the products themselves, the prices have been shrunk down. The lipsticks, for example, are currently selling for only $10 each. In fact, every single product a part of the "Little Collection" is under $12. Talk about affordable.В

The entire collection is currently available for purchase on MAC'sВ website. There are 10 shades of the mini lipstick available. And yes, that includesВ Ruby WooВ ($10) andВ Velvet TeddyВ ($10), which are two of the most popular MAC shades of all time. There are also eight shades of the brand'sВ Lip GlassВ ($10) available in mini versions, with four of them being brand-new. Nymphette, Spite, Oyster Girl, and Candy Box are the new shades; they are all slightly different versions of rosy pink. Finally, we have six miniatureВ Loose PigmentsВ ($10). If you're unfamiliar, these are found in many makeup artist's kits since they're versatile and buildable.

It doesn't end there. You can buy a mini mascara, face mist, highlighter cream, and package of face wipes for $12 each as well. So run, don't walk, to get your hands on these cute makeup products. We think they'd make the perfect Halloween just-for-fun gift for your friends (or, let's be honest, yourself).В

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