The #1 Secret to Not Putting on Holiday Weight


I remember going on holiday in 2014 to the Amalfi Coast. I remember it in part because it was an epic holiday (I got engaged!) but also because I ate all the pizza, drank all the Limoncello and didn't put on any weight. What's the catch? I hear you ask. Well, I exercised. Not tons, honest. I packed a few resistance bands, and did a little running and some bodyweight exercises each day, either in the morning before it got too hot or in the evening before heading to dinner. We're talking 15 to 20 minutes maximum, and I didn't go hell for leather either. I was outside with views of the beach, so I enjoyed it.

Now, you may be jetting off with plans to be horizontal on a lounger for 14 days, and that's okay, but if you're on a role with your fitness, a holiday doesn't have to get in the way. Instead, take inspiration from these five fitness influencers, and do a daily bodyweight workout. If you have access to equipment at your resort, like Clean Eating Alice, you can add some resistance to your workouts in the shape of a dumbbell or kettlebell, otherwise, all you need is you. Keep scrolling for five bodyweight routines to try on holiday (or at home).

Joe Wicks

Wicks makes this full-body workout look easy, but it will burn. Lucky, then, that it will be over quick. The high knees will get your heart rate up, as will the jumping squats. Just make sure that you land as lightly as possible when you jump squat, and watch that your knees don't go over your toes.

Clean Eating Alice

Can't do pull-ups? Pack a set of resistance bands (ВЈ23). Alternatively, try doing back extensions on the floor. This will help to improve your posture.

Shona Vertue

This is a serious glute workout, and all you need is a staircase. Genius. Make sure you check out Shona Vertue's funny and useful guide to nailing yoga's most important pose: downward-facing dog.

Zanna Van Dijk

Think bodyweight workouts are all squats and burpees? This simple and effective circuit from Zanna Van Dijk will tone those arms in no time.

Carly Rowena

A skipping rope is a smartВ addition to any carry-on. We love the Nike Intensity Speed Rope (ВЈ15).

Next up, this workout is proven to slow the ageing process.