These Are the Most-Requested Celebrity Hair Colors

Changing your hair color has become as synonymous with summer as sunscreen and coconut-scented products. As such, we've spent hours researching celebrity hair inspo to show to our trusted colorists come appointment time. It's such a process. Do we go lighter? Darker? Redder? What will grow out nicely? Which color won't turn green post-swim? The list of questions goes on.

But, perhaps the most interesting one has been revealed: Which celebrities have the most requested hair to date? Celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham revealed her top three. Keep reading for the queen bees of hair color in Hollywood.

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Chrissy Teigen

"Chrissy is the ultimate bronde inspiration," says Cunningham. "Especially in the summer months, my clients are constantly traveling, so low-maintenance is always a top priority. I love this look because a little root makes it feel lived-in and beachy. It requires fewer trips to the salon while still looking fresh."

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Lana Del Rey

"Lana has the perfect soft brunette for summer. It's not too harsh, so as your skin tone warms up with the temperatures, the color will transition nicely over the course of the summer months. It's easily adaptable with a few babylights around the face for added dimension."

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Leslie Mann

"Leslie's strawberry blond is so popular with my blond clients who are looking to change it up without going brunette or a true red. I love using Redken Shades EQ Gloss to enhance the new tone and add depth to the hair without the commitment of permanent hair color."

FYI: Peach hair is all over Pinterest, and we're mesmerized.