The 5 Summer Hair Colours Everyone's Asking For in London

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There's nothing like the sun making an appearance to get you rethinking your hair look because, and we're going to put it out there, your hair looks its best in summer. And it's all because of the weather. Less rain and our balmy, not-too-humid summer means frizz is less of an issue. AndВ there is the simple fact that the sun beaming down on your hair creates more reflection and shine, meaning your hair literally looks like it's glowing. To maximise its and your glow, you need to make sure your colour is spot-on so this great weather that summer willВ bring (it will, we promise) isn't wasted. This doesn't have to mean a huge colour overhaul, although if you're feeling brave, why not? It can just be a simple tweak and repositioning of colour application. We asked some of the best colourists in London to give us their colour predictions for summer 2017 and explain why these areВ the hottest hues we're going to be asking for.В

Read on to find out what they said are the colours we're going to be lusting over this summer.

Sunny Blonde


“As always there is the annual pilgrimage to go blonder for the summer," says John Spanton, Technical Education Director at Trevor Sorbie, Covent Garden, "this can mean taking your normal balayage closer to the root and adding in some lovely face-framing pieces with a little extra lift and brightness added to them. But I think what we will see is an increase in sunnier blondes, less ashy and more golden in tone."

And his top summer colour tip? "When speaking to you colourist, be clear on what you are looking for. Take some images of a similar look to yours or the one you are planning of have done. It's the best way for us to see what's in your head and give you advice."В

Neon glow

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If you're looking for something a bit more out there, then do as Harriet Muldoon, colourist at Larry King, suggests and go neon! "We will be seeing a lot of brighter shades this summer. Think '90s fluro," MuldoonВ explains. "It's a great look for summer, festivals and standing out in the crowd." However, some prep work to your hair is required. "This look will only work on pre-lightened hair as the colour needs a block base to grab onto. However, it's great for any length or texture." And how to know which neon shade is best for your skin tone? "It's all about opposites attracting. If you have a warm complexion look to greens, blues and violets. If you have a cooler complexion then pinks, oranges and yellows will look fab."В

And Muldoon'sВ top neon-coloured tip? "When going for this kind of look, you need to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to protect the colour and your hair." We love Redken Color Extend Magnetics ShampooВ (ВЈ15) and ConditionerВ (ВЈ16).В

Pretty Pastels


If neon isn't quite for you, then why not try its toned-down, subtle colour counterpart, pastel? "Pastel shades have been spotted the last few seasons on the runway, which caused it to trickle down into the salon and now has become as normal a service as highlights or balayage," says Headmasters Colour Ambassador Siobhan Jones. "Shades such as pink and coral are commitment-free, meaning you can be blonde at the beginning of the week and pink at the end, so there is a lot of room to change your colour personality throughout the summer."

Jones'sВ top summer hair colour tip is this: "Think about your cut alongside your colour as that can often help accentuate and show off your new colour even more."В

Shadowed Roots


“Shadowed roots is my number one trend for summer this year," says Chanel Nott, Indola's Global Ambassador and Colour Director at Real Hair in Chelsea. "What this means is choosing a colour that's a few shades deeper than yourВ natural hair colour at the root, and taking it a few inches longer. It's moving away from that outgrown look into something a little more polished and wearable. Plus, as it's working with your natural hair colour, it works for everyone" And it'sВ exceptionally low maintenance as you won't need your roots touched up as frequently. Ideal if you have a busy summer planned. "And I think it takes years off!” says Nott.В

Her top tip for this look: "You want to make sure there is a contrast between the colour at the roots and the tips of your hair. That will create the depth of colour that will enrich your skin tone."


Sun-Kissed Glow

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Sometimes the best looks are the classic ones. "If there is ever a time to adopt that '70s boho beach babe naturally highlighted look, then surely it's summer," says Muldoon. "This look is about working with what you naturally have and simply enhancing it a little bit more. This means bespoke highlights, face-framing babylights and balayage so your hair looks like the sun has naturally lifted it. This is a great look for all hair types and colours and just involves a skilled colourist to contour the colour around the face to frame it and create a truly unique and individual look."

Muldoon's top tip? "Always keep a silver shampoo nearby to prevent brassy tones peeking through." Try Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum ShampooВ (ВЈ17).В

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