A Sleep Specialist Shares the Secrets to Falling Asleep Faster


Quite often the recommended eight hours of sleep seems like a far-off fantasy. Some nights it's even laughable when we find our brains consumed by work, stress, and life in general, making drifting off into a deep slumber a huge task. It's a vicious cycle: When we don't get enough sleep and have to wake up early and push through the rest of the day, we begin to crash, only to find ourselves in another state of sleeplessness that night. The most relaxing part of our day has undoubtedly become a stressor.

To help ease our mind and make that trip into sleep land a much easier journey, we connected with sleep expert Rebecca Michi. And while Michi specializes in helping little ones snooze, she's provided us five tips that will help you sleep like a baby, literally.

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Cool Down the Room

According to Michi, 65В°F is the perfect temperature to sleep in. We know, we know. Sometimes bumping up your thermostat in the colder months seems like the only way you'll be comfortable, but give this temperature a shot and see how you do. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to snuggle up in fuzzy blankets and a comfy duvet.


Jot It Down

Do you find that your mind races while you lie in bed? Put all of those consuming thoughts to paper. "Write in a journal before bed. Putting the day to rest before getting into bed can help calm your brain, making it easier for you to fall asleep," says Michi. We love this adorable Kate Spade New York notebookВ ($14) to let it all out.

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You've heard it a million times, but for those of us who mindlessly surf Instagram and Snapchat while our heads are on the pillow (guilty), here's a million and one: "No screen time an hour before bed, and yes, that does mean your phone. Screens inhibit the production of melatonin, and since melatonin induces sleep, that's one thing we don't want to inhibit," says Michi. That Snap and those Friends reruns can wait until the next day.В

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Keep Your Socks On

We love putting on socks over Vaseline-rubbed heels for soft feet the next morning, but it turns out throwing on a pair before bed will help you sleep better too: "When our feet and hands are warm, we fall asleep much quicker," explains Michi. Noted.

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Watch Your Coffee Schedule

We love slurping down a few cups of coffee a day (or five or six), but our java habit is really inhibiting our beauty sleep. "It can take over six hours for caffeine to be eliminated from your system. That mid-afternoon coffee to keep you going can keep you awake way past your bedtime," warns Michi. We'll stick to our morning cups of joe only, then.

Here's a simple trick to help you fall asleep faster,В like clockwork.