Under-400-Calorie Lunch Ideas That Are Filling (And Delicious)

Is it just us, or do the holidays reallyВ feel like they were yesterday? But just like that, it's May, andВ inВ about T-minus three weeks,В swimsuit season will be here in all its glory, whether we like it or not. If you're feeling a little bit of holy-crap-I-have-to-be-in-a-bathing-suit-tomorrow-and-I-need-more-timeВ panic, we're with you. Since we can't stop time, and dramatic diet changes are intense,В we put together seven days' worth of low-calorie lunches that don't totally suck. From an insanely filling bean burrito to a snack hodgepodge for the variety-minded, each option is totally delicious and under 400 calories.

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В Gimme DeliciousВ

Black Bean Burrito

On days when a salad just won't do, a black bean burrito is comforting and fillingВ and feels far more indulgent than it actually is. Just fill a whole wheat tortilla with 1/2 cup of cooked black beans, 1/4 cup of canned corn, 1/4 cup of low-fat cheddar, salsa, cilantro, and any number of veggies (chopped peppers, spinach, etc.) of your choosing.В

Calories: 380

Healthy Cobb Salad

Somehow the classic American cobb salad has been co-opted into a calorie bomb, but it's so simple to make a healthy and light version of the favorite. Combine spinach, two slices of chopped turkey bacon, 1/4 of an avocado diced, chopped tomato, one hard-boiled egg, salt and pepper to taste, and 1 tbsp. of a light ranch.В

Calories: 320

The Garden Grazer

Roasted Veggie Wrap

For this fillingВ vegetarian wrap, roastВ vegetables like red and green bell peppers, onion,В and mushroomsВ and roll them into a spinach tortilla spread with hummus, olive oil, and sprouts. Yum

Calories: 286


Healthy Hodgepodge

Sometimes, aВ smorgasbord makes the most exciting midday meal. For our favorite no-fail combo, have three slices of turkey with an ounce of cheese, five whole wheat crackers, 12 almonds, and a medium pear. Who says healthy eating has to be boring?

Calories: 390В

Budget Bytes

Mediterranean White Bean Salad

White beans are seriously underratedВ as an inexpensiveВ lunch food. Half a cup of cannedВ Cannellini beans contains 100В calories, 5В grams of fiber, and almost 8В grams of protein-i.e., they'll keep you fuller longer.В Our favorite way to prepare them is in a Mediterranean dish of sorts, with halved cherry tomatoes, parsley, olive oil, lemon, and crumbled feta cheese.В

Calories: 276В

Stuffed Pita With a Lentil Soup

Make a stuffed pita pocket with 1/2 a whole wheat pita, 1/2 a grilled chicken breast, and chopped spinach, tomatoes, and onion (you can eat the other half for tomorrow's lunch)! ServeВ with a cup of low-sodium lentil soup.В

Calories: 390

Tuna Salad With Rye Crackers, Carrots, and Hummus

Like canned beans, canned tuna is another insanely inexpensive, high-protein, and low-calorie lunch base. Make some healthier tuna salad with chopped celery and apple, whole grain mustard, and 1 tbsp. of light mayoВ and serve with rye crackers, carrots, and hummus.В

Calories: 300В

What's your favorite lunch option under 400 calories? Leave your ideas in the comments below! And thenВ shop one of our favorite low-calorie cookbooks.В