8 Natural Hairstyles for Weddings Curly Girls Will Love

Cue the drumroll, please: It's your big day and you want everything to be absolutely perfect. The fairytale wedding you've been dreaming of since you were a little girl is finally here-therefore, every single strand must be in place. Maybe you've got your dress down and your next big task is to solidify your hair situation. Hear us out: If anyone's ever pressured you into straightening your natural hair for your wedding day, ignore them. You'll cherish these memories and there's no better day to embrace your natural hair than this one.В

"It's your special day and you want to be confident and look amazing while rocking your natural hair. There are very nice options for natural girls, no matter the texture or the length," affirms L'Oreal Education Lead, Stephanie J. McLemore.

Ahead, find eight iterations of natural hairstyles that'll look stunning on your special day.


If you're not necessarily into classic updos, you can totally walk down the aisle with a bouncy set of curls and look equally as chic. Try using Flexi rodsВ or pin curls to achieve those perfect spirals. For voluminous curls like this, gently pull each curl apart with your fingers.В


You can never go wrong with the classic puff, an age-old style we've been donning since our childhood years that seriously never gets old. Adorn your puff with an ethereal headpiece like this-the perfect accessory to play up an understated dress.


We can't get over how strikingly gorgeous these locs look on this bride's big day. Side-swept and pulled back into a low ponytail, locs are a gorgeous option paired with a veil as pretty as this.В


A rope-twisted updo like this will certainly turn heads. "If your hair is long, you can definitely go for a blow out to create a beautiful natural hair bun," explains McLemore. "When sleeking the sides use Carol's DaughterВ Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother ($8).В Don't forget to accessorize with a flower, veil, or hair jewels-and a bride can always use a crown."В


The classic middle part is another ideal style for long-haired naturalistas. It's also a great opportunity to opt for a simplistic hairstyle and add extra drama to your makeup. For a super-sleek bun or pony, use Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect EdgesВ ($6) to smooth down your baby hairs.


If you needed any more proof that buns are where it's at for the big day, here you go. This textured look was achieved by blowing outВ this bride's natural curls. Try the Dyson Supersonic Dryer ($399), andВ pull hair back into a modest bun. The way that the veil is intricatelyВ interwoven into her bun is to-die-for.В


We're fans of free-flowing curly styles for your wedding day. It brings a modern appeal to your bridal look. Try a half-up, half-down style like this. And capitalize on this hair moment to showcase a stunning makeup look, too.В


"For medium-length hair, you can achieve a twist-out or add synthetic braid hair to give extra detail to a braided updo," says McLemore. "You can accomplish this gorgeous look with Carol's DaughterВ Hair Milk 4-N-1 Combing CremeВ ($10)."В