The 7 Best Long Haircuts for Every Type of Texture

If you have a long haircut but you're bored with your look, you may think there's only one option: Chop all your hair off. Strictly speaking, that's not actually true. As beauty editors, we've learnt many a solution to this problem, and weВ know there's actually secret answer number two: Transform your look without getting rid of your length.В

So how, we hear your cry, is it possible to achieve this? Well, we've identified a few options, whether that's adding in fresh new layers to your style, opting for a blunt or side fringe, or even going for the "invisible haircut" (that's a real thing, we promise we didn't make that one up). As always, we've gathered examples as seen on our favourite A-listers to give you plenty of hairstyle inspiration before you sit down in your stylist's chair. Click through our gallery for seven of the best long haircuts to transform your look.

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1: Get a Fringe

Really stuck in a hair rut but happy with the length? Then perhaps a fringe is for you. We spoke to A-list hairstylist Vernon FrancoisВ on the matter too who said that "not all hair types can manage a fringe and they don't suit everyone".

"It's always best to have a consultation with an experienced hairstylist beforehand. Also fringes for long hair often change your look and give you more options for wearing your hair up. If you're still not sure, opt for a side fringe that way you can have the best of both," he advises.

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2: Ditch Your Layers

There are many plus points of getting a layered haircut. Layers offer movement, break up the weight, and make hair look bouncier. But, if you're not blessed with super-thick hair, it can make it look flat. To change up your look, ask for your layers to be taken out (that means cutting off some length), but as hairstylist Ashley Javier explained to Vogue, the trick is “all about having the thickness at the ends, because that looks healthy.”

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3: Change Up the Ends

If you've got mega-long hair, why not switch it up by adding some different lengths in at the bottom? It will give a cool, hippie vibe. Totally chic, non?В

Vernon Francois recommends "slicing the ends of your hair which creates a softer, more contemporary appearance and tends to work very well with thicker hair. This also great for those who don't want to cut their hair often, slicing is the better option."В

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4: Go (Just a Little) Shorter at the Front

To give your long hair definition, why not try a few simple shorter pieces at the front? Not only will it mean you can style it similarly to Cara Delevingne's look here, but it won't take long to grow out ifВ you don't like it. We love using GHD V Gold Classic StylerВ (ВЈ111), to create soft, loose curls.

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5: Get an Invisible Haircut

The term "invisible haircut"В was createdВ by the clever folk over at Hershesons to give movement to hair in order toВ make the best of its natural style without adding obvious layers. Anyone, whatever texture (or length), can go for this, and it will help give your hair a boost without compromising on length.

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6: Give Curly Hair a Lift

To ensure you make the most of your curls, "You need beautifully blended layers all around your head to lend weight without looking heavy," advises hairstylist Matt Fugate. Invest in a pair of curling tongsВ to help enhance your style too.

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7. Commit to a Side Fringe

You don't have to commit to a blunt fringe to give yourself a dramatic makeover. Try a softerВ approach with a side-swept version Г В la Kerry Washington.В

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