Need to Have It: L'OrГ©al Paris Pure-Sugar Scrubs

Beauty editors agree: Exfoliating-aka removing dull surface layers to reveal fresher skin underneath-is one of the best things you can do if you want your skin to look immediately glowy. But while we love a good face scrub, we've found that some can be too harsh or drying for our delicate skin. Which is why we're so fond of L'OrГ©al Paris's new Pure-Sugar Scrubs-made without harsh chemicals, they gently exfoliate and feel like a luxe facial in a jar.

What it is:

L'OrГ©al Pure-Sugar Scrubs are a delectable blend of 3 different 100% naturally derived sugars that melt right into the skin (read: no gritty texture) to gently polish away dull surface layers. There's a version for every skin type, each customized with different textures and ingredients: The formula forВ dull-skin contains grapeseed oil to brighten and refresh; the formula forВ oily skin uses kiwi seeds to purify and unclog pores; and the formula forВ dry-skin is infused with crushed cocoa, cocoa butter, and coconut oil to nourish as it smooths away dead skin. And since we only like putting good stuff on our faces, all formulas are both paraben and silicone free.

Why I Need to Have It:

These scrubs are customized for all skin types (including you sensitive skin gals out there), divinely scented and a joy to use, as the light gel texture is supremely kind and gentle to the skin. Best of all, they are gentle enough that you can indulge up to 3x a week, and you can use them not only on your face but on your lips, too, for multipurpose smoothing.

Where to Get It:

L'OrГ©al Paris Pure-Sugar Scrubs are available online atВ and at leading retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart. Get yours now and you'll be that much closer to the skin of your dreams.