Lorde Loves Her Unibrow, and the Internet Agrees

There's this magical trend happening where all of our favorite celebrities are calling out the haters, embracing their natural selves, and speaking out on important issues like mental health and hindering industry standards. And interestingly, there's been a running theme: photo shoots, magazine covers, and big-league ad campaigns. Inspirational women are handily dissociating outdated (and, frankly, completely off-base) conceptions of beauty, simultaneously gracing industry-shaking billboards and glossy magazine covers-enchanting opportunities that their younger selves could only dream of. This past weekend, Lorde took to her Twitter account to not only recognize her new October Vogue Australia cover but to address that past bullies would never have seen this one coming.

As told by the caption, the singer's schoolmates may not have had an appropriate appreciation for a bold statement brow, but Lorde and her oh-so-loyal followers would definitely beg to differ. In fact, Lorde is just now joining a number of tours de force to publicly address their extra-blessed brow bones. After all, the phrase "two is better than one" doesn't always apply.

Take model Scarlett Costello, for instance, who recently opened up to us on The Flipside regarding her Frida Kahlo-esque brow bone. Just like Lorde, the model, who has already landed gigs with top brands like Converse, Nasty Gal, and J Brand, is far from apologetic when it comes to an extra-bushy brow. And honestly, why should she be? In the spirit of Lorde's most recent statements, and just because we love an excuse to talk about great eyebrows, we've rounded up a few of our favorite celebrities who have publicly addressed their well-endowed brows.

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"My mum is the best ever: When I was 8, she drove to my school and shouted at a boy who made fun of my mono-brow. … Then she taught me about Frida Kahlo and why mono-brows are cool." - Lorde

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"My mom always said the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful. But when you're younger, they're normally the things that make you insecure. For me, it was my eyebrows. They were overly thick and luscious. So I went to town and plucked them. When you get older, you realize the things that define your differences are beautiful." - Lily Collins

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"Unibrow appreciation post. Had to get rid of it as I transition into Zoey for #Grownish. You will be missed my friend. #TheyWillReturn." - Yara Shahidi on Instagram

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"My mom had rules when I was younger: 'Don't do drugs, don't have sex, and don't touch your eyebrows,' she'd say. And I didn't and I'm so grateful for that advice. However, she did teach me to brush them with Vaseline, so I do that, but I don't fill them in or anything." - Emilia Clarke

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"They just grow. I'm lucky with the shape. I inherited it from my grandmother. I pluck a few, but I don't shape them. I usually don't let other people touch them, just in case. Of course, they're insured for millions… I'm joking." - Cara Delevingne

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