How to Fake Fuller Lips: 4 Easy Steps

If you want a fuller pout, but happen to think that lip-plumping products have more of a placebo effect than anything else, don't give up hope. Celebrity makeup artist Lauren Andersen showed us exactly how to enhance our natural lips with the strategic placement of a few key products. Grab your concealer, lip liner, lipstick, and gloss, and scroll through to see how it's done!

Justin Coit


Justin Coit

Step One: Conceal

Apply concealer to the center of your lips to brighten the area, which will make them look fuller. Go all the way to the edge of your lip line, and blend the top edges up onto your skin.В

Justin Coit

Step Two: Line

Using the lip liner of your choice, line your top and bottom lips. The key is to apply it right on top of your natural lip line, exaggerating it ever so slightly. Be sure to use a freshly sharpened pencil; the point will be helpful for placing the color directly on top of your natural lip line. Feather the color in a bit at the outer corners. Don't extend the color all the way along the bottom lip. Leave the center bare. This makes the bottom lip look heavy and pouty.В

Justin Coit

Step Three: Lipstick

Next, blend it all together with lipstick applied with a lip brush.В

Justin Coit

Step Four: Lip Gloss

For the final volume-amplifying touch, add a light-colored gloss with a hint of shimmer, like this Lip GlacГ© ($25) in Bare Naked from Laura Mercier, to just the center of your top and bottom lips.В

Justin Coit


And there you have it: a pillowy pout in just four easy steps.
Photographer: Justin Coit
Makeup Artist: Lauren Andersen
Hairstylist: Gregory Russell
Manicurist: Barbara Warner
Producer: Jenna Peffley
Model: Lyzy
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