This Multitasking Glow-Boosting Serum Peels and Firms at Once

Peony Lim

Guerlain's newВ Double R Renew & Repair Serum (ВЈ105-ВЈ139 RRP) is one of those products that looks luxe with its gold detailing, yet you wonder whether it will really deliver. Well, let me tell you that I am completely addicted to this multitasking product. It's one serum, but it contains two chambers filled with different actives. One side is focused on peeling away the dull, dead skin, while the other side lifts. It's grounded in science too. The team at Guerlain spent eight years looking into one gene, the TIEG1, which is a bit like a skin repair “contractor”; it encourages proper skin structure (read: plumper and firmer). This serum gives that gene a helping hand, whilst containing acids to brighten and re-texturize.В

Myself and influencerВ Peony Lim have been road testing the serum for quite a few weeks now. Where I have oily/combination skin that's pretty spot-prone, Lim has a dry, sensitive complexion. But despite our different skin types, we both had pretty impressive results.

Read on to find out how we got on with Guerlain'sВ new serum.

Peony Lim

The Details

Inspired by the peeling treatment you would get in a dermatologist office, the gel-like formula contains a combination of three AHAs: lactic, citric and glycolic acid that nibble away at the dull, dead skin to reveal a more radiant complexion beneath. You get quite quick brightening results from this part of the product, but then over time it tackles more deep-set discoloration. I noticed my skin looked more radiant after just two days, and over the weeks it has just got brighter and more dewy-looking.

Lim found that her skin looked smoother straight after using the product for the first time. Where I am hooked on the acids in the product, Lim loves it for the addition of the honey: “I love honey for your skin. I think it really soothes and regenerates. So, it's a perfect ingredient for me. I love that the serum helps encourage my skin to renew gently too, so many products that offer this are too strong for my skin and cause more damage than good,” she told me. Royal jelly moisturizes whilst also offering a plumping and lifting effect.

Peony Lim

How We Used It

Lim liked to smooth the serum onto her skin and then gently pat it in. I used upward strokes to apply a pump of the serum to my skin in the morning.

The combination of the cream and gel when mixed together creates a lightweight fluid that sinks into skin with ease and leaves it looking refreshed and dewy in an instant. It feels ever so slightly tacky, which isn't unpleasant, and makes it the perfect base for applying makeup.

At night, I used a little more of the product, around three to four pumps, and spent time massagingВ it into my skin, either with my hands or a jade roller. I've been applying this serum twice daily for four weeks now, and I'm only a third of the way through, so it will last you at least three months.

As Lim has dry skin, she layered on Guerlain's multipurposeВ Black Bee Balm (ВЈ41 RRP), which you can use on skin, lips, cuticles and more, to any dry patches that needed nourishing. Miraculously, I found that within a couple of weeks I could ditch my heavier foundations and just wear Guerlain'sВ Lingerie de Peau Aqua Nude Water-Infused Perfecting Fluid (ВЈ34 RRP), which offers just the slightest amount of coverage to perfect the skin.

Peony Lim

The Results

While Lim loved the smoothing, plumping and soothing effects of the serum, I was really impressed by how much more luminous my skin looked and how quickly it became radiant and clearer-I'm talking days not weeks. The combination of the cream and gel texture is seriously cooling and moisturizing on the skin and a joy to use.

Peony Lim

What has also really impressed me is that I have only had one spot since using this product; the trio of acids have prevented blocked pores that can lead to blemishes. My complexion now has that soft-focus look to it all the time. I keep getting skin compliments, and the fact I am just using one serum and don't have to wear as much makeup means my morning routine is much more streamlined and quicker.В

Lim told me she thinks this serum would be great for anyone with sensitive, dry or aging skin as it “really rejuvenates without being abrasive.” I'd say it's a great all-rounder that plumps, smooths and boosts that enviable skin glow. Now who wouldn't want that?

Amy Lawrenson

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