Do You Look Older Than You Are? It Might Be Your Brows

In case the importance of eyebrows hasn't been stressed enough, we're here to tell you that your eyebrows may be adding years to your appearance. We heard rumblings about this sneaky source of aging and decided we simply must get to the bottom of this nasty rumor. So, we turned to Tonya Crooks, celebrity brow expert and founder of The BrowGal, and asked her to give us the lowdown on what eyebrows really do for your face.

Keep reading to find out if your brows are making you look older than you actually are…


How Much of a Difference Do Eyebrows Really Make?

Asking a brow expert if eyebrows really make a noticeable difference in a person's face might be a little unnecessary, but we did it anyway. And, not surprisingly, she responded: “Absolutely 100% YES!” To illustrate her point, Crooks referenced a photo you have seen floating around the Internet. “A few weeks ago on Facebook, a friend shared a stunning picture of Anne Hathaway side-by-side with the same photo of Anne, minus the eyebrows. The difference is shocking,” Crooks says (and we agree). Crooks also added that a great, well-shaped brow gives a look of confidence and really balances the face.


What's the Connection Between Eyebrows and Aging?

The frenzy over bold brows goes beyond simply liking the way they look. Thick eyebrows are a sign of youth. “As we get older, the natural aging process thins the hairs on our bodies,” Crooks says. Consequently, sparse eyebrows are a sign of that less-than-desirable aspect of the aging process-just like the thinning of hair on your head.


Can Anyone Wear Bold Brows?

Sure, strong brows look great on Cara Delevinge. But is the look really wearable on us mere mortals? We've had our doubts. And while Cara's eyebrows are in a league of their own, Crooks assured us that full brows flatter pretty much everyone. “I have clients coming in every day asking for bigger, fuller brows, and I find this look suits just about everyone,” Crooks says. “As long as the shape is feminine and well maintained, the thicker, fuller brow brings not only youth to the face but a bit more intensity.”

What If You Have Naturally Thin Eyebrows?

Of course, not all of us are blessed with the perfect foundation for creating a strong set of eyebrows. Whether a tumultuous history with the tweezers is lurking in your past or your eyebrows are just naturally on the thinner side, there's still hope. “There are so many options nowadays for bulking up the brows,” Crooks says. “There are restorative products that help to repair damaged eyebrows, as well as a variety of makeup products that create the illusion of thicker, fuller brows.” Looking to give your thin eyebrows a boost? Try Rapidlash's Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum ($50) or Talika's Eyebrow Lipocils Eyebrow Conditioning Gel ($59).