3-Minute Read: How to Get Rid of Dark Circles in Less Than 30 Seconds

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Zara/Haobin Ye

Dark circles a dead giveaway? If you don't have time (or the stomach) to microneedle under your eyes to perkiness, consider this genius 30-second fix from Well + Good instead: Apparently, a quick acupressure massage can help restore circulation to the area-and that's key, since dark circles are actually just blood pooled beneath the skin. (Cute, right?)

And it's not just something to consider when you were up tossing and turning about the latest episode of The Handmaid's Tale, but anytime you find yourself squinting at your computer screen throughout the day. Fact: You actually blink 66% less when you're zoned into your laptop (a phenomenon called "computer vision syndrome"), which ultimately puts a lot of strain on your eyes-and when you pair that with unconscious frowning as you parse through the latest never-ending email chain, you're not exactly helping your tired skin. Next time you catch yourself in the act, just try a little gentle kneading with your fingers.

That's at least according to the Environmental Working Group's latest sunscreen report, which finds that 73% (!!!) of sunscreens on the market don't work as they claim-or worse, contain harmful ingredients. (Some of the common ingredients in SPF can disrupt hormones.) Higher SPF numbers are also deemed "inherently misleading" by the FDA, but it was already pretty common knowledge that anything above SPF 50 is B.S.

But before you panic, know that there's actually plenty of good news. Nearly 100% of the formulas tested did sufficiently protect from UVA rays, which are considered the most dangerous. Plus, the EWG is all for mineral sunscreens, which have cleaner hypoallergenic formulas, and they do a great job of protecting against sun damage. Head over to Goop to get a more expansive summary of the report.

We reported that Tatcha's Water Cream had sold out nearly everywhere, including Sephora-and after the superstore restocked it, it apparently swiftly sold out… again. The good news is that it has since made a reappearance, but if recent history serves, we'd advise stocking up sooner rather than later. (And the cult hype doesn't lie: It's really, really good.)

It may be time to consider laser hair removal. PureWow is addressing all your burning questions in that arena, so head over to the site to see if it's really worth the investment.

What happened in Manchester was awful, and it's 100% understandable to feel scared and even a little helpless. We have to give the H/T to Teen Vogue for rounding up a series of mental health resources for those in need-there's a list of ideas to get involved in helping victims of the attack and their loved ones, as well as ways to find help for yourself. (Don't feel bad about needing someone to talk to-reach out!)

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