10 Simple Nail Designs Anyone Can Master

There's nothing wrong with simple. In fact, given the craziness that is going around in the world, simple and easy can be nice and relaxing-nail art included. Sometimes the coolest art isn't the kind with an elaborate decal or a mix of a million different bright colors. No, sometimes the coolest art that we love-and quite possibly need-is the quietest type. We looked for inspiration everywhere for simple nail art that is still eye-catching, and we found lots of simple looks that we can re-create ourselves.

Click through to see the 10 simple nail designs we're loving right now.


Jin Soon Choi calls this look "Solar Eclipse." Just like the the moon covering the sun, you have one color covering the other over the course of five nails.В


If you really want to dress up a nude in a subtle way, try sticking a star decal or two on one finger of each hand.В


We love these nails from Paintbox because of the pretty contrast between a matte and metallic nail. The triangle peeking out on the side puts an interesting twist on the look.В


It doesn't get more simple than drawing a line down the middle of your nail. To elevate the look, choose a neutral color for your base and a fun finish like bright blue glitter for the line.В


If you want something a little edgier than a straight line down the middle of your nail, curve the line, have it start at the top of the nail instead of the bottom, and don't draw it out all the way.В

We love a good nude polish. Here, Essie uses two shades of it in curved halves.В


We are obsessed with deep blue metallics for fall. Adding just a big circle to the middle of nail makes it a really cool geometric nail look.В

This is really the bare minimum when it comes to simple nail artВ but in a cute fun way. Leave your entire nail polish-free except for two circles overlapping each other either on the side, top, or bottom of your nail.В

We like to think of this as a modern and cooler version of the classic French tip. Grab two shades of gray and paint along the top nail, leavingВ the rest bare.В


Curve out that tip and add a metallic triangle decal to make it fancy.В

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