The Case for Sugaring Your Brows

Sugaring is an ancient hair removal method that, like waxing, removes hair from the root. The fact it removes it completely it can last for up to six weeks. It's also very natural, where wax can feel somewhat unnatural. Most of the time the recipe for sugaring just sugar, lemon juice and water, even though sometimes salt, essential oils or honey are used in the recipe.

There are two kinds of sugar that can be used on your body.В Sugaring pasteВ is either applied slightly warmed, or at room temperature. It's spread against the way the hair grows, and removed in the direction of the hair growth with a finger-flicking motion. It can remove hair as short as 1/16".В Sugaring gel, on the other hand,В is used the same way as soft wax. It's warmed up in a warmer or in the microwave, and applied in the way the hair grows with an applicator. A strip will placed over the gel and removed in the opposite direction of hair growth. Paste can remove hair as short as 1/16", while gel can remove hair as short as 1/4".

With how sensitive the skin in the eye area is, a big draw of sugaring is that it doesn't cling as much to the skin as it does to the hair. Because there's less tugging, It's generally agreed it's not as painful as waxing, and brows don't get as pink. With the paste, the pain factor goes down even more because hair is removed in the direction of growth. Sugar can also be applied more than once, which means it's great for if you miss some hair. The gentle nature of sugar allows it beВ applied more than once in a row to grab hair left behind. Most wax is only supposed to be used once, with rogue hairs getting picked up by tweezers.

Using eye creams, anti-aging or acne products tends to exfoliate skin and remove skin cells. Sugaring supposedly sloughs off dead skin cells, but waxing removes both dead and live ones. Waxing can just be too much exfoliation when it's combined with some products, which will lead to it causingВ redness, inflammation, or removal of skin. Unless the skin is already in an over-exfoliated state, sugaring is less likely to cause extreme redness or swelling. It's also fast.В While tweezing is great for a hair here or there, both the paste and gel remove many hairs at once.

You can shape your own brows at home using sugar. Remember though, that it's different than removing hair from other parts of the face or body. You need the utmost precision. We recommend, if you're doing it yourself, using the gel over the paste as it's much easier to control where it's placed and removed. If you want to save money, though, you can make your own product. It's whipped up with only three ingredients: sugar, lemon juice and water. It then can be used as paste or gel, whichever you prefer.