Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are a hairstyle created with a cornrowed base and extensions. The term is derived from the method used to add extensions. A latch hook (which resembles a crochet hook) is required to attach extension hair; however, a crochet hook can also work. Despite the term "braids," most women who wear this style do so on loose extension hair.

How to Do Crochet Braids

There are several types of hair you can use to create this look, but Marley hair is one of the most popular. Kanekalon, which is often used for traditional box braids, is another option. Because this type of extension hair has a kinky texture, some women choose to design curly styles with perm rods, rollers or Bantu knots. However, you can also wear the hair as-is for more of a fluffy, fro-like hairstyle.

Popularity of Crochet Braids

This is a great protective style option for all hair textures and lengths. This includes relaxed, natural, pressed and transitioning hair. Transitioners, especially, may appreciate this style since it gives you a break from handling two different textures as the hair grows. It can also give relaxed women an idea of how they'd look with natural hair if that's an eventual goal.

One of the reasons crochet braids are so popular is due to the relative ease of installation. It's also an inexpensive styling option because it requires fewer packs of hair than box braids. Still, be prepared to spend several hours creating this look.

There is no single method of cornrowing that fits this technique best. Many women begin with a simple cornrowed base, directed straight back, but others use more of a circular pattern. Links to tutorials below show a range of results and methods since some women prefer a no-knot look, while others may desire a straighter look.

Links to Crochet Braid Tutorials